The Car

I was looking for my car for almost a year. These days finding a CRX EE8 (VTEC) in Europe that is in a really good condition is really hard. And by the good condition, I mean no major accidents, no unnecessary tuning, not too much rust.
As we all know the rust (and young, careless drivers who usually owned these cars) were two major issues that cause that the population of EE8 is really small.
That’s why when I found an advert with my future CRX I wasn’t hesitating too long.
The short specification and the history of the car:
- Honda CRX EE8 VTEC 150 KM
- Electric mirrors, windows, sunroof and central lock
- Fully functioning, factory air conditioning (really rare thing!)
- 3 previous owners (two in Germany an one in Poland who had this car for 11 years)
- 320 000 km original mileage
- Original paint (celestial blue) with just a few signs of rust

Video section
Quick tour around the car. The celestial blue color is one of the most distinctive signs of VTECs in Europe. I think that the only compiting color is black but this color, in my personal opinion, is a little bit more eye catching
I must admit that my initial plans were to build a custom sleeper based on ED9 but when I bought this beauty I knew from the beginning that the only thing that can be done with this car is to restore it to the factory condition – otherwise it would a real waste. So I made my decision and the journey has started.

BTW - as you can tell from the pictures below, the beauty didn't look bad at all from the start...

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