Interior - Headliner Trim, Rear Mirror, Sun Visors

Next step was to deinstall headliner trim. In order to do so you need to get rid of a number of parts before (listed below). You can obsere a few bubbles on the lining that inducates detached lining.

Be careful when removing rearview mirror's cover. Remove the cover by pushing front aside. Don't use sharp objects (like a screwdriver) as you can easily punctuate the headliner's lining.

Video section
To get to the headliner trim you need to remove:
- sun visors and holders
- rear mirror
- front pillar trim
- quarter window trim panel
- dome light
- roof trim
Diagrams and parts list

You can find specific diagrams and parts list HERE

Mirror diagrams are HERE

More videos - First Person Perspective (FPP)
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