Interior - The story of the Console Frame...

Next on the agenda was the console and dashboard removal. I started with a relatively easy job which was the center and front console removal.
The central and front console was a no-brainer, with just a few screws. The real challenge was to remove the front console frame without dismantling the whole dashboard.
Video section
This speeded up video shows removal of: center and front console, radio, heater control, glove box etc. with the first attempt to remove the metal console frame.

In the beginning, everything was going smoothly. All bolts and screws were gone ... except one. I must admit that after a number of attempts I needed to surrender. With the regular screwdriver, I was not able to achieve anything than increasing my frustration.
I knew that I needed some specialized tool which would be flat enough to do the trick with this d*&% screw and I found it and loved it at first sight as this was "The Tool"!
With "The Tool" the rest of the job was just pleasure ... and some pain.
Being probably overexcited I forgot that the car wasn't made of plastic only and got my first bloody lesson.
Basically, you can forget about all this if you decide to remove the dashboard together with the console frame (which is recommended). At that time I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to remove the dashboard, so for me removing the frame was the only option. And I proved that it's doable! ;)
So - with a little blood on my hand I did it. Although it was really just the beginning.
Diagrams and parts list
You can find specific diagrams and parts list HERE
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