Don't trust the workshop manual...

Don't trust fully the workshop manual ... when it comes to the floor mat removal.

Video section
The procedure is fairly simple although a little time consuming and includes the removal of:
- front seats
- security compartment
- center console
- hood release handle
- fuel filter door and tailgate opener
- front of the quarter trim panel
- footrest pad

Now you can start removing the floor mat. To do so:
- pull out the door sill moldings (attached with clips)
- you can disconnect the carpet from the moldings by removing the nuts that connect both elements but it's not really necessary
- all you need to do now is to remove all clips and clip nuts that hold the carpet at rear and front

So where's the catch?

Well, the workshop manual states that you need to cut the central front part of the carpet and then remove it. Indeed, the carpet can't be removed as it's still held by the steering handle (the metal "pipe" attached to the floor).
So, if you want to ruin your carpet, following the workshop instruction, be my guest. But you can simply unscrew a couple of bolts that hold the steering handle and you'll get your carpet untouched!
Diagrams and parts list
You can find specific diagrams and parts list HERE

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