Body - Door/side panels and protector - driver side

Removing panels and door protector from the driver side went much easier, smoother, faster and with no damages. I guess I've learned my lesson and this time did everything right.
More detailed information about the process of removing these elements you can find in my previous post HERE
Video section
Quick video from the removal of the following parts (driver side):
- inner panel
- plastic cover
- door protector
- outer panel
- side sill panels
More videos - First Person Perspective (FPP)
Door inner panel
To get the door panels removed you need to remove
- speaker cover
- door handle
- armrest pocket
After removing the rest of all visible screws pull the door panel upward.
Plastic cover
Remove speaker and simply tear down the plastic cover as this is not reusable. You can use the retractable utility knife to cut the foil from the door.
The next thing is to remove the rest of the adhesive substance. First, scrub as much of it as possible from the door and then you can use the silicone remover.
Door protector
The door protector is attached to the door with the two-sided adhesive tape so you may again use the utility knife to separate these two parts.
Additionally, there is a number of clips that hold the rubbery protector to the door.
Outer door panel
To remove outer panel you need to remove lower clips with a long flat screwdriver and lift the panel up.
To remove the aluminum bars that hold the panels you need to remove the plastic clips which are quite difficult as you don't have an easy access to all of them from the inside.
Side sill panels
To remove the front sill side panel just remove few screws and bolts. Plastic screws are difficult to remove so after few attempts I just cut off some of them - they will be replaced with the new ones.
To remove the side sill panel remove 14 screws and some clips.
Diagrams and parts list
You can find specific diagrams and parts list HERE
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