Interior - Dashboard removal

Dashboard removal requires some time and effort. In order to do so you need to remove:
- front console (see HERE)
- the fuse box mounting nuts
- coin box
- screws that attach the side air vent control lever
- the instrument panel
- glove box (not necessary)
- center upper lip from the top of the dashboard
- side defroster garnishes from both ends of the dashboard
- then remove the dashboard mounting bolts.

In the workshop manual, it's mentioned that you can then lift and remove the dashboard. I actually found it difficult due to the position of the steering wheel so I temporarily dismantle it.
Video section
It really took me some time to remove the dashboard as there's number of hidden bolts and screws.
Interesting thing is that I was still driving the car without the dashboard for few months from time to time
Diagrams and parts list
You can find specific diagrams and parts list HERE
More videos
A great example of the video tutorial that shows how to remove the CRX dashboard was published on Youtube by the Garage Built Hondas. It's a great channel with lot of useful info about CRX and EF cars.

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