Body - Rear bumper removal

I must say that I took strange way to dismantle the rear bumper.
Video section
I couldn't somehow locate the bumper mounting nuts ... so I disconnected the bumper beam by drilling and removing bolts that hold it to the bumper.
Only then I managed to finally find the bumper mounting nuts and unscrew them.
Video section
While removing rear plastic protecor panels I found a lot of dirt in my car - just watch the fist 10 seconds of the video :)
This is also what I found apart from dust. Well - just another thing to fix.
After a long day, I decided to take the beauty to the car wash and remove the dirt that was found while removing side protectors and the bumper.
I must say that the rear part of the car didn't look bad at all - even without a bumper. The condition of the body was also really nice except the problems mentioned above.

Diagrams and parts list
You can find specific diagrams and parts list HERE
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