Climate control panel - reassembly instruction

For all CRX enthusiasts who already purchased or planning to purchase the climate control panel housing offered by me I created the detailed instruction how to successfully reassemble the panel using the offered panel housing.

Panel housing can be purchased directly here:


  • Unscrew two screws that hold the mechanism (1) connected with the temperature control knob
  • Unscrew one small screw that holds little plate (2) that connects the plastic element with electronic board
  • Unscrew two screws that hold plastic element (3) with the panel housing
  • Unscrew the screw that holds the fan speed regulation switch (4) to the top rear part of the panel housing
  • Unscrew two screws that hold the fan speed regulation switch (4) to the top front part of the panel housing
  • Unscrew two small screws that hold the white plastic element (5) to the panel housing
  • Remove the white part and then remove the transparent plastic part (6) and electronic plate (7)
  • Unscrew small screws that hold the plastic cover for electronic plate (8)
  • Disconnect the switch (9) using small flat screwdriver
  • Unscrew the electronic plate (10) attached with number of small screws
  • To separate electronic plate from the unit pull back the electronic plate.

IMPORTANT – be gentle but firm! It will resist a little bit but don’t worry – you won’t brake anything. It’s because the switches (11) are loosely connected to plastic, buttons on the front. 


  • Using sharp knife or any other tool gently pry the plastic stickers (12) and separate it from the panel. Do this with all three elements.
  • IMPORTANT – start with the place where you have the most clearance for inserting the blade. This will minimize the risk of damaging stickers’ surface.
  • Remove small, transparent plastic elements (13) that diffuse the light from diodes. Use the sharp narrow blade or really small screwdriver.


  • Remove the AC button or button dummy (non AC version) by pulling it out from the housing (14)
  • IMPORTANT – Pay special attention to this part of the procedure as you can easily break the buttons’ tabs. 
  • Start with the bottom right button as you have the most clearance there (15).
  • Use one bigger flat screwdriver and press the right side of the button just below the place when it connects with the transparent, removable front part.
  • Using small flat screwdriver (or anything that you find useful like your nail) pry the front, transparent part (16). It should pop out from one side. Once it popped out you should be able to remove it easily.
  • Perform the procedure with the rest of the buttons in the bottom row of the panel
  • Removing two buttons from the front row is a little bit trickier as there is less clearance there but basically the procedure is the same (17)

IMPORTANT - do not worry too much if you break one of the catches holding the front of the button. It should still work fine after assembling it back. It works event with both catches broken but it’s better to avoid it!

You’ve just competed the disassembly process


  • To assemble the panel just perform all the steps in the reverse order. There are few things to bear in mind though.
  • Stickers are likely to stick just fine on an original glue. If you find them unsticking simply use a small stripes of the double sided self-adhesive tape (18)
  • Reassembling buttons doesn’t require any screwdrivers or whatsoever. Just press gently the transparent, front part to connect both elements of the buttons till you hear the click of the catches.

You’ve just got the brand new panel for your CRX!

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