Time for the next step - ACP Automotive

Dear All, 

Last year was probably not easy for anyone but for me (if we exclude COVID0-19, lockdown etc.) it was definitely a beginning of an amazing journey that I'd to share with you briefly. 

Almost a year ago I started offering a 3D printed CRX Panel housing that was wormly welcomed by the community members. Few months ago I added also a JDM version. 

In the meantime I was working on some parts and accessories to other cars (mostly Mercedes) and I must say that something that was just a hobby has slowly become a idea for small business that I'm hoping to develop in 2021 adding more and more parts and accessories for different cars. 

It wouldn't be possible without your support and so many positive feedback, appreciation and encouragement from CRX owners! 

I'm standing now at the beginning of 2021 with brand new company launched called ACP Automotive (acpatomotive.com) that is focused on reconstruction, renovation, design and production of car parts and accessories not just for Honda but also other brands. 

CRX is still remains my most preffered car so you can expect more parts and accessories available this year 🙂 

I hope that the just started 2021 will be a good and prospetous for all of us!

Please visit https://acpautomotive.com/ 
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