Keychain - 3 custom designs

A custom designed keychains printed in 3D from the high quality, heat and UV resistant plastic (ASA).

The keychain can be bought in a raw form or sanded and painted black.

The cost of the raw version is 19 PLN (approx. 4,95 USD or 4,45 EUR) while the painted one - 29 PLN (approx. 7,70 USD or 6,70 EUR).

The size of each keychain is: 65 mm (length) x 23 mm (width) x 5,6 mm (height)
I don't send keychains separately abroad. Only as an addition if you decide to purchase the Cupholder (so you don't have to pay extra for delivery).

Please remember do add the comment about the chosen version of the keychain (1) Honda CRX; (2) CRX VTEC; (3) Honda VTEC.

New colours available soon at

Custom CRX cup holder + extension set

A custom designed cup holder for the second generation of Honda CRX (1988-1992) with the additional extension set that fits perfectly to the car and provides an OEM look and feel.

Video section

This is how the cup holder and extension set works in practice

This short instructional video shows how to prepare your set for use. 
Detailed description  The cup holder includes some unique features that make it one of the most wanted, non OEM interior fitting. The features include:
  1. One hundred percent OEM look of your interior, thanks to the front part adopted from the original OEM ashtray (the front ashtray panel is not included). 
  2. Plug and play design that fits the OEM ashtray mounting brackets. 
  3. The cup holder fits all version of the CRX that was sold worldwide including RHD (JDM, UK) and LHD (EDM, USDM) cars.
Pictures below shows the cup holder with the ashtray panel installed (that is not included in the set)
With the cup holder you are getting a unique extension set that allows you to:
  1. Accommodate an extra cup or bottle! 
  2. Get the ashtray that can also serve as small container for coins etc. 
  3. Get custom 3-in-1 holder for credit cards, pens etc.
Design and production The original design process included a number of carefully planned phases:
  1. During the first phase, the physical prototype was designed based on the original ashtray with a number of trial and error attempts. 
  2.  During the second phase the physical object was transferred to the 3D model. 
  3. The virtual model was than 3D printed and the next phase of testing started. 
  4. During this phase a number of minor changes and adjustments were made to assure even better fitment. All the changes were than incorporated into the 3D model. 
  5. The final 3D model was printed again and successfully tested, proving that the cup holder was ready for production. 
The cup holder was produced using 3D printing technology and it’s made of a very durable, high temperature and UV resistant industrial plastic (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate). Thanks to materials and technology used, you can safely use it with very hot beverages, as well as leave it in the extremely heated car.
Packaging  Each part is carefully packaged to prevent any damages during shipment. The packaging for the cup holder includes styrofoam that protects the cupholder and a bubble wrap to prevent any damages. All packed in a durable envelope.

Shipping  The cost of the standard worldwide delivery is around 9 USD using Polish Post service provider. The usual shipping time is approx. 3-10 working days (depending on geography).

Pictures below show how the cup holder with the extension set, fitted in the CRX console.
Fitment  The cup holder was designed to fit tightly into the mounting rails. The idea behind the design was to make it fit tighter rather than loosen. To install the cup holder simply remove your ashtray, unscrew two screws that hold the front panel of the ashtray, than tighten the front panel to your cup holder and install it in the original place.
In case you find your model too tight, you may perform one of the actions described: 1) Adjust the metal mounting rails by delicately squeeze or expand them for the perfect fit;  2) Use the fine-grained metal file to make the necessary adjustment to the cup holder dimensions
Price and other costs  The price includes worldwide shipping the PayPal fee. Usually when you purchase something via Internet, you need to add the shipping costs, different fees etc. that can sometimes double the price of the purchased good.
In this case there are no additional costs like those mentioned above nevertheless you need to bear in mind that if you are purchasing goods from countries different than yours, the additional local fees and taxes may apply.
If applicable at all, they usually shouldn’t exceed 30 percent of the original price of good purchased. These cost, if apply, need to be covered by the buyer.
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