Climate control panel

A custom designed climate control panel is a perfect replacement for original part that cracks in 90% of cars due to materials used and some design flaws.

The offered climate control panel provides an OEM look and feel while eliminates both - material and design imperfections.

Made with highly durable, UV resistant plastic called ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is also significantly more resistant to any cracks due to optimized design.

With every part you will get also a printed instruction how to replace panel parts with some tips and tricks how to avoid any damages of components like cables or switches.


Items purchased are delivered via Polish Post. The usual shipping time is approx. 3-10 working days (depending on geography). Each part is carefully packaged to prevent any damages during shipment.


  • The promotional price for the panel is just 99 USD (400 PLN) including PayPal fee
  • Worldwide shipping flat fee is 24 USD (100 PLN).

Please bear in mind that if you purchase any goods from abroad, the additional local specific fees may apply (customs, tax etc). If applicable at all, they usually shouldn’t exceed 30 percent of the original price of good purchased. These cost are to be covered by the buyer.

Video section

This video shows the complete process of replacing an old, cracked control panel housing with the new one.
The whole process takes approximately 30 min and requires simple tools like screwdrivers and snap-off blade.

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